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Get your weekly PlayStation fix with Episode 2 of Access TV

The latest episode of Access TV is ready for watching. Let the Access TV team tell you all about it...

Hello, emotion-starved gamers of the UK. Cracking out the big guns and decorating (usually beige) walls in bits of terrorist brain is all well and good, but every now and then it’s good to sit down and have a nice cry. Good job then, that on this week’s episode of Access TV we bring you an exclusive look at the hand-holding blub-fest that is Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus HD Collection. Don’t worry though: they’ll be big, fat tears of gaming happy, as the pin-sharp remake holds up brilliantly - even against PS3’s current gen big-hitters.

Speaking of which, we’ve packed the rest of the show with gleaming quality – from Metal Gear Solid HD on PlayStation Vita to the bobby, neon delights of Child of Eden. Plus we wriggle behind the scenes of Punchdrunk’s theatrical Resistance 3 event in London, and rub shoulders with the obscenely-thighed lads at Bath Rugby. Enjoy the show, and be sure to check us out on Facebook for extra video content and the chance to sign up for future Access Live events.

Sept 30, 2011