George Hotz, sued PS3 hacker, issues statement via rap

Noted iPhone and PS3 hacker George Hotz has already proven he has what it takes to outsmart Sony (aside from in the court room), and now he's showing he can out-rap the stiff company any day. Hotz has released a new video in which he raps about his legal troubles with Sony.

"For those that don't know, I'm getting sued by Sony," Hotz says in the prelude to his rap. After that, it's 43 seconds of intelligent rhyming and Sony slamming in rapid-fire fashion.

He rips through Sony and its hackable system as well as the court case, saying at one point, "Thought you'd handle this with a little more tact."

Sony probably expected to pull Hotz through the legal wringer and wipe off any smirk he had on his face, but quite the opposite is the case. Still, it's not all fun and games for Hotz - he's already been dealt a huge blow.He has thus far been issued a temporary restraining order requiring him to relinquish his computers andstorage mediaand remove all of his online posts describing the PS3 root key hack.

Feb 14, 2011