Homeworld franchise bought by Borderlands dev Gearbox

Gearbox Software is the proud new owner of the Homeworld franchise, the developer announced today. Its first move will be to make the "purest form" of spacefaring RTS classics Homeworld and Homeworld 2 available on digital distribution platforms

"Gearbox Software has prevailed as the highest bidder in the acquisition of the Homeworld franchise from THQ," the studio wrote on its news blog. "Brian Martel, Gearbox Software's Chief Creative Officer, has great love and respect for Relic's brilliant, fun and innovative game and personally spearheaded the acquisition."

Homeworld was one of several THQ properties auctioned off in a secondary round of the publisher's bankruptcy proceedings. Darksiders and other prominent THQ licenses were also up for grabs, so we expect to know more soon.

Series creator Relic Entertainment was purchased by Sega. Relic was interested in reclaiming the franchise, according to an interview with Videogamer.

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