GDC: Age of Conan shows off DX10 prowess

If you want to know what literal difference the new DirectX 10 graphics drivers will bring to new PC games, check out our new Age of Conan screens by clicking the Images tab.

The most notable difference is in the backdrops - where DX9 cuts down background detail to a minimum, DX10 will fill your screen with detail be it near or far.

Above: On the left: DirectX 9's lack of foliage. On the right: DirectX 10's sweet, sweet trees

The bump-mapping is also far more prominent with the new technology, and we're sure it could look even better than this, too (bearing Crysis in mind).

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a Funcom-developed action RPG do to release on Xbox 360 and PC in October.

March 7, 2007