Gates no longer world's richest man

According Forbes magazine's annual ranking of the world's wealthiest people, Bill Gates is now only the most affluent nerd in the world after losing his platinum, jewel encrusted crown of "World's Richest Man."

Gates, who had held the position since 1995, fell to third place on the list, which was released Wednesday.

He was beaten by investment tycoon Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecoms expert.

The drop is speculatively due to Microsoft's stock fluctuations this year andGates' decision to step away from full-time work in order to focus on charity. Not really anything to do with Three Red Lights then.

Still, it doesn't exactly mean he's out on the streets. His personal fortune is estimated to be around $58 billion, which is approximately fourteen times the amount of money the entire Star Wars saga has grossed since 1977. Not bad at all...

Courtesy of CVG

Mar 6, 2008