Microsoft confirms Xbox Live is down: "Some users have been disconnected" despite status website saying "all services up and running"

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Staring down the misery of how to solve Xbox high packet loss this afternoon or evening? You're not alone. Xbox Live is down for many users, it seems, and Microsoft's Xbox Status website has been of very little help so far.

"We are aware that some users have been disconnected from Xbox Live," the official Xbox Support Twitter account said at 11:55am PT / 2:55pm ET / 7:55pm BT. "We're investigating! Please follow here and on our status page for updates."

At the time of writing, that status page, purportedly updated three minutes ago, is showing green across the board for the US and UK. Account functionality, friends, streaming, cloud gaming, multiplayer – all A-okay. Except they aren't. That's why we're here. 

Hopefully this thing updates again soon and we can get some detail on what monkey wrench has been thrown where, and if we're lucky, how long it will take to fix. Down Detector suggests pretty significant problems with Xbox Live, starting with the ability to log in at all. 

Anecdotally, based on early reports from Twitter and forum users as well as some of our own writers, the problem seems to be UK-heavy for the time being, but reports of US troubles are beginning to crop up as well, most recently from me, as I can't log in either.  

In the meantime, if you've already reset your console, reset your internet connection, and tried the high packet loss troubleshooting linked above, your best bet right now is, unfortunately, probably patience. 

Xbox proudly claims "no console needed" in new partnership with Amazon, which brings Xbox Game Pass to Fire TV as a "low-cost, convenient, and portable option," which does of course open your service up to connection issues like this. 

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