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GamesRadar guides: Fallout: New Vegas Companions, Fable 3 Keys and Vanquish Statues

Once again, CheatPlanet has devled into the murky abyss and returned with a tresure chest full of juicy guides, walkthroughs and assorted help for the flummoxed gamer. The seasonal rush is in full swing, with each week spewing out chunky nuggets of GOTY caliber gaming goodness onto shelves. This week we’re looking at the recently released Fable 3, and last week’s one two punch of Fallout: New Vegas and Vanquish.

Quick shout-outs to user 4everbored and majormoses117 for the excellent Red Dead Redemption: Undedad Nightmare submissions. PM me (MichaelGrimmGamesRadar) and I'll send you some sort of AWESOME PRIZE (note: prize may actually just be "pretty cool", or "something I found lying around"). Check out all our Red Dead Redmeption cheats, FAQS, hints unlockables and walkthroughs, including the Undead Nightmare, Legends and Killers, and Liars & Cheats DLC, right here.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas Companion Guide

The Waste is a lonely place, and the last thing you want is to get jumped by a bunch of surly Super Mutants all by your lonesome. Fortunately there are a few survivors willing to help you out if you know what to do to earn their trust. Even better, none of them demand humiliating sexual favors for their trust! So check out our complete Companion Guide and get to know your new travelling buddies and what makes them tick, though I’m pretty sure what makes the robo dog tick is his brain, cause I can see it through his glass dome/skull.

Fable 3

Fable 3 Hidden Key Guide

Peter Molyneux’s beloved series is back with all its Fantasy and British charm intact. While the game itself isn’t too difficult to get through, finding all of the game’s collectible items is something of a chore. We’ve got more guides for the rare books, Auroran flowers, and pesky gnomes on the way, but in the meantime enjoy the first part of our Hidden Keys guide.


Vanquish Complete Pangloss Statue Guide

Ah the cover shooter. In a genre known for a bunch of hard as nails manly men who eat thunder and crap lightning, Vanquish’s protagonist Sam Gideon seems almost refined; He talks in full sentences, keeps grunting to a minimum and makes an effort not to pee all over the toilet seat. Even more shocking are the game’s collectible Pangloss Statues. Taken from a highfalutin book (Candide) by some too big for his britches French philosopher (Voltaire), Vanquish’s bizarre nod to this classic piece of satire is similar to Bayonetta’s odd tribute to Simon and Garfunkel; her guns were named Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme from the song Scarborough Faire. What’s that screeching noise? Ah yes it’s the sound of my train of thought derailing. Pangloss Statues. Vanquish. We got em. You click now.

Oct 29, 2010

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