After 5 years in early access, Manor Lords publisher finally releases its Soviet city builder to 92% positive Steam user reviews

One of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic's many icy towns
(Image credit: 3Division)

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, a popular city-builder that's been simmering in early access for five years, has finally fully launched to universal praise.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has been challenging players to turn "an impoverished country into a rich industrial superpower" for years now using "intricate production chains and a fully simulated global economy," according to the game's blurb. Developer 3Division and publisher Hooded Horde (of Manor Lords fame) seem to have packed the game with all the micro-managerial systems you could ask for - construction, transportation, trade, healthcare, education, entertainment, tourism, citizen loyalty, farming, and much more are all available to poke at as you steam toward a communist utopia.

Years spent in the early access trenches has left Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic with a 'Very Positive' rating on Steam, based on almost 15,000 user reviews, of which 92% of players left a thumbs up. 

Plenty of reviews gush about the game's deep and deeply realistic city-building systems that make Cities: Skylines look like a simple walk in the park. "W&R really has blossomed into a gem, it is without a doubt THE most comprehensive city builder there is," userreviewer diamonman writes. "I used to pivot between games like Cities Skylines and Transport Fever... this game scratches both itches at once with so much extra depth." Another user review from goebbers shared that the game made them understand how their own Siberian hometown "was the way it was," which is pretty much the ultimate praise for a simulation game like this. 

It's welcome news considering development hit a large snag in the road after a "once-respected" community member allegedly launched a flurry of DMCA claims against the city-builder, taking issue with an official in-game mode that used ideas also present in his own hot-to-play-realistically guide.

Workers & Resources' 1.0 update also brings new entertainment facilities such as an amphitheater and a large stadium, playgrounds, graphical improvements, and quality of life fixes. Today's new Biomes DLC also brings, well, three new biomes so you can spread communism to deserts, tundras, and the tropics.  

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