Games have weak narratives, says LA Times

Film-to-game conversions can work, but videogame plots are too weak to make for decent films, says the LA Times.

In a feature about the rules of movie making, LA Times quoted screenwriter, Josh Olson, - who was working on the Halo film - as saying that games "have aimless cycles. You go to A, shoot some monsters, then go to B, then start over and do it again."

Obviously the film has to do a little more than that, but LA Times thinks directors should stop trying. "Step away from the video games. Transforming this medium's weak narratives to film hasn't been as successful as with comic books," says the article.

There must be a crazy Korean director out there that could make a good videogame-based film. We think half the problem is that the wrong games are chosen. We want a Zelda film - an epic fantasy affair. Or maybe Contra (Probotector) - some Rambo-style, Independence Day action with Will Smith and Matt Damon.

Source: LA Times via Kotaku

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 25, 2008