Game music of the day: Tron Evolution

Game: Tron: Evolution

Song: Derezzed

Composer: Daft Punk

Above: Derezzed by Daft Punk

Even though the gameisn't faring too well, Tron Evolution does contain some of the best electronic/dance game music of the year. That's partly thanks to the fantastic original score composed by Sascha Dikiciyan, but even his excellent work has to bow down to the two electrifying Daft Punk songs carried over from the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

The above song, Derezzed, is classic Daft Punk - infectious, repetitive beats dominated by a catchy melody and signature sounds. The group hasn't created a proper album in five years (that'd be 2005'sHuman After All) but if this song's any indication, they haven't lost their touch one bit. Their distinct style fits perfectly with the Tron universe and concept, so whoever made the call toblend these elements together is a freakin' genius.

Above: The video for Derezzed, complete with robo-jousting!

Above: Enter the Grid by Dikiciyan, a great complementary track made just for the Evolution game

I actually got to see an early screening of Tron Legacy this week and as far as I'm concered, it's a completely gorgeous film that demands to be seen in the theater. Don't torrent it or dick around and wait for Netflix - just go see the damn thing on a huge ass screen with pounding sound. Personally I thought the whole movie was quality, but even if you want to pick apart aspects of it, there is no denying the visual brilliance at work. Totally worth seeing. The game? Eeeeh maybe just listen to the soundtrack.

Callista by Saki Kaska

Place of Reticent Lava by JDK

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