Game music of the day: Bomberman 64

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May 12, 2010

Game: Bomberman 64

Song: Green Garden

Composer: Akifumi Tada

Above: Green Garden from Bomberman 64

Believe it or not, Bomberman was a major player throughout the 16-bit years of the SNES and Sega Genesis. His reach and power have dwindled severely since then, a decline that arguably began with this bizarrely against-type entry for the Nintendo 64. Instead of the usual grid-based multiplayer that cemented Bomberman as a party-game staple, the devs focused on a solo adventure mode, complete with 3D world and oh-so-important story. A strange offering made bearable by some surprisingly strong music.

Nothing especially powerful about this song from an early level. No ripping guitar licks, no soaring orchestral score, just solid tunes that embody exactly what "video game music" used to mean. Catchy tune, simple arrangement, just fun to listen to. Additionally odd considering Bomberman music from the SNES/Genesis days was usually aggressively paced "OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT" stuff.

Hey 9-year-old kids! Remember that Spider-Man cartoon from the '60s you watched so much? Then you'll definitely want to run out and buy our new Bomberman game, because we're referencing it right now!

Cuteidea though. And despite my nay-saying in the opening paragraph, I actually do like Bomberman 64, even if it was the beginning of the franchise's descent into mascot and character-driven gameplay instead of frantic multiplayer. Since then Hudson's pumped out several old-school options, like sayBomberman Ultra (opens in new tab), to make sure Bomberman never strays too far from his comfort zone.

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What could these two possibly have in common?

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