Fuser release date: The DJ game from the Rock Band studio is coming in November

(Image credit: Harmonix)

Fuser, the next music game from Rock Band developer Harmonix, finally has a release date.

The official Fuser Twitter account dropped the news that you'll be able to start mixing songs for virtual festival crowds on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 10. If you pick up a pre-order before then, you'll also get three bonus DLC songs to add to Fuser's base selection of over 100.

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While songs were essentially new stages of their own back in the Rock Band days, in Fuser they're more like your toolbox. You can pluck out the drums, bass, lead instruments, or vocals from each track then layer them in with other songs, creating your own live mixes as you play through the campaign or experiment without limits in Freestyle mode. It's like DropMix, but without all the toys-to-life stuff and with more tools and shrieking crowds.

Anyway, GR's own news editor Ben Tyrer was instantly impressed by how naturally Fuser lets you embrace the way of the DJ in his preview - and how easy it was to lose hours trying just one more mashup.

"The way Fuser's songs seem to curl around each other when you drop them in, creating mixes that surprise and delight when they click, is thrilling in a way that rhythm games haven't been for quite some time. The fact that it's intuitive enough to pick up and play, but deep enough to offer tools to enable some really impressive creations, suggests Harmonix have another hit on their hands."

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