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Full Spectrum Warrior review

It's the wargame for people who prefer Jarhead to Apocalypse Now - at times thrilling, sometimes realistically dull.

If that statement raises some red flags, you're keener than the gameplay turns out to be. For the search and destroy routines can quickly become dull. We're not even talking about the inability to take direct control of a soldier; this isn't an action game, and the strategy could work. But the level design is obvious and overly linear- what happened to the mazelike pathways of urban sprawl? Once you realize what the squad can do on its own, Full Spectrum Warrior falters. War isn't all action, but the levels feel too much like drudgery.

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DescriptionHopefully the flaws and questions aren't so glaring that you can't take the game as merely an evolution of action and strategy. This is an intriguing new template, and future games in the same style could be incredible.
PlatformXbox, PS2, PC
US censor ratingMature
Release date1 June 2004 (US), 10 June 2005 (UK)