Full Auto

Crumbling track pieces are great, unless they were dumped on you by the dude in front of you that lodged them directly into your path - but Psuedo has taken this into account by accompanying the piles of destruction with a nifty time-turning feature called Unwreck. This trick allows you to reverse time and replay a poorly handled turn, grisly crash or misplaced building. You can't Unwreck indefinitely - you'll have to manage a finite amount of rewind time, which slowly builds as you play - and you can't Unwreck online (or else the game would be really screwed up). That's a small price to pay for riddling up to seven other fools with super-heated plutonium flechettes or jamming rockets up tailpipes on Xbox Live.

Combining completely destructible environments, hot rides and an incredibly expansive agenda of gameplay (18 tracks with over 80 different events), Full Auto has everything you need once the sheen of Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Project Gotham Racing 3 has worn off ... plus machine guns. Never underestimate the awesome power of machine guns.