Full Auto

Ordinarily, if a game is called "a shiny mess," that would seem like a bad thing...but in the case of Full Auto, that's exactly what we're looking for. For a game that incorporates racing, explosives and flashy car models, Full Auto oversteps its bounds by adding even more features to this list. Beautifully rendered graphics immediately demand your attention- particularly on those oh-so-shiny pavement-eaters- but developer Psuedo Interactive has packed in a tremendous variety of surprising and tantalizing treats to sweeten the diabetic's nightmare that is Full Auto.

In addition to the 21 vehicles that take damage in a very real-time way, everything in the Full Auto world can be utterly destroyed. Not only can you blow up, perforate or otherwise devastate all of the buildings and doo-dads around the track, you can use them to gain advantage during the race by blasting through "custom" short-cuts or dumping rubble on your competitors.