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Frontline: Fields of Thunder review

A new RTS with old tricks


  • Nails the realism well
  • Not very difficult
  • Tons of customization


  • Tired WWII RTS clone
  • Not very difficult
  • Forgettable

The biggest tank battle in history is the subject of this WWII RTS - Kursk, 1943, Russia. It was the moment when Hitler threw the lion’s share of his best remaining Panzer divisions into a meat grinder, in a tired old rehash of previously successful Blitzkrieg tactics. Which is ironic, as this game is itself a tired old rehash of Blitzkrieg - the last RTS game from developers Nival.

Despite the mid-Russian setting, the terrain here feels mighty familiar. It’s one of that veritable battalion of up-’n-at-’em RTSs that rushed through the gap that Sudden Strike punched in the market back in 2000. No resource gathering, reinforcements triggered by events, large-scale drag-and-drop battles. Mucho fiddling with supply and repair units.

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DescriptionThe emphasis here is slightly more on realism, with all manner of armored vehicles roaming the battlefield. But the end result feels as throw-away as do too many of these RTS clones, without any of the class that makes Company of Heroes such a blast.
Release date (US), 16 March 2007 (UK)