From Russia With Love

Players have a fair amount of control within these modes, able to set conditions for victory, choose weapon loadoutsand throw up to five computer-controlled "bots" into the ring (a feature that sadly isn't available during jetpack fights). The game stuttered a little when bots were in play, but only on the PSP that wasn't hosting the game. Also, it's strangely difficult to hit enemies at point-blank range (no judo chop for you, Mr. Bond) and you'll need to actually quit out after a round to change the match type, which is a pain. Aside from that, though, multiplayer was smooth, offering up four multi-tiered arenas littered with random power-ups and traps, and if nothing else the six-player feature is a leg up over the four-player console version.

While the version we played wasn't quite done cooking, From Russia With Love already plays well. Assuming the kinks get worked out, it's poised to fulfill every Bond fan's fantasy of gunning down Cold War villains during long car trips.

Mikel Reparaz
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