Freebird review

Nearly three decades after Quadrophenia made his name, Phil Daniels finds himself back in the bike seat for this British addition to the old-farts-on-motorbikes genre (see Wild Hogs). This time around The Who has been replaced by Lynyrd Skynyrd, as Grouch (Daniels) heads for Wales to buy some high-grade weed and avoid the rival bike gang on his tail. A good third of the action revolves around Grouch and his leather-clad pals (rent-a-hardman Geoff Bell, plus Gary Stretch – sporting a Clint-squint so severe he might need medical attention) as they lark about on mushrooms in scenic locations. Safe to assume, then, they had a cracking time making Freebird. Bully for them. Shame that neither the action nor the dialogue is racy enough to stop the rest of us feeling more than a little saddle-sore.

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