Four Questions, One Controller

If it's all about simplicity, what are all these buttons for?

The Revolution controller may sense movement, but it can't read your mind. You've got to have some buttons on there somewhere. Right away you'll notice the familiar cross-shaped D-pad that Nintendo pioneered, along with four action buttons plus Start, Select and Home. The most obvious button is the large "A for Action!" taken straight from the GameCube's controller. It'll perform most basic functions; that's why it's placed so perfectly for your thumb. See below for a round trip vacation around the controller.

  1. We all know the D-pad. But what nuances will the Revolution empower it with?
  2. Even if you're all thumbs, here's one button you'll nail every time.
  3. It's somewhat hidden, but this B trigger is lined up for your index finger. Shooters, anyone?
  4. Now you can turn a Nintendo console on and off without all that pesky walking.
  5. The mysterious Home button. Central menu system? Online hub?
Brett Elston

A fomer Executive Editor at GamesRadar, Brett also contributed content to many other Future gaming publications including Nintendo Power, PC Gamer and Official Xbox Magazine. Brett has worked at Capcom in several senior roles, is an experienced podcaster, and now works as a Senior Manager of Content Communications at PlayStation SIE.