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Fossil League review

While it's not leagues above the rest, Fossil League is a respectable, if flawed, adventure on the DS


  • Nice bestiary of dinosaurs
  • Its Pokemon style - gotta dig 'em all
  • Some fine art and visuals


  • Predictable
  • clich story
  • Battles can become redundant
  • Weird camera view for exploration

Dinosaurs fascinated a lot of us as kids. But the basic, unavoidable truth is that they’re extinct (you, with the Nessie t-shirt in the back - don't say it). And because we unfortunately have no way of traveling back in time to interact with (read: get eaten by) these amazing creatures, we must rely upon movies, books, and games like prehistoric Pokemon-clone Fossil League to satisfy our desire for dino interaction.

To make a long story short, the high-school - like main character -has futuristic accessibility to travel to and from the prehistoric age with the help of a time machine. In typical RPG fashion, his trips to the past end up with a bad guy mysteriously entering the time era as well, where he hopes to re-shape time because we - you guessed it - screwed up the future. Or maybe just his future. Something like that. The point is, past this traditional RPG set-up is a Pokemon -esque, paleotological ingredient that fills this quest with admirable innovation.

More Info

DescriptionEarn the respect of the prehistoric thunder lizards in your quest to be the dinosaur king.
US censor ratingEveryone