Fortress 2 review

Perhaps when the next millennium rolls round the English language will have evolved a word that can describe how horrifyingly bad this is. In a (shock!) big-business-controlled future, we join John Brennick (Christopher Lambert) 10 years after he escaped from the original inescapable prison of Fortress, as he is recaptured and placed in yet another inescapable prison, from which he... Oh let's not ruin the `suspense'.

Without a trace of irony or a scrap of the nearly-enjoyable original's action-hokum, this is a career low for both Lambert and Pam Grier - - something of an achievement. Inept on every conceivable level, it's hard to imagine a worse way to spend 90 minutes. Guess we'll just have to wait until some bright spark greenlights Fortress 3 - - tagline: "This time it really is difficult to break out of. Honest."

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