We slice and dice as For Honor's Samurai Assassin, the Orochi

Just to pre-emptively clear up any confusion, we're here today to talk about Ubisoft's For Honor, a multiplayer melee between ancient warriors, and not Koei's musou series Warriors Orochi. But there is an Orochi involved - namely, the Assassin class hero repping the Samurai side in a time-displaced battle against Knights and Vikings. Each of For Honor's three unique factions features four archetypes: Vanguard (the average mix of offense and defense), Heavy (the tanks), Assassin (aggressive duelists), and Hybrid (the adaptable jack-of-all-trades). In a brilliant move, the factions all have distinct versions of these roles - and we got the chance to get some hands-on time with the Samurai's Assassin, the Orochi, in this Gamescom demo build of For Honor. Watch us slice stomachs and clash our katana against broadsword and axe alike in the video above (all captured in glorious 4K), then be sure to check out the rest of our coverage on For Honor.

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Lucas Sullivan

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