Fly Me To The Moon review

Animated bluebottles invade the moon landing, get swatted

This witless 3D animated feature tries its best but never achieves lift-off. It's an uninspired recreation of the first moon landing from the point of view of three young houseflies who stowaway on Apollo 11. Nat (voiced by Trevor Gagnon) is the intrepid one, IQ (Philip Bolden) is brainy (you can tell – he wears specs) and Scooter (David Gore) is a food-fixated fatty.

Despite a crack about having eyes in the back of their heads, they don't. In fact they strongly resemble the ants in A Bug's Life – minus the humanity. A Cold War subplot is especially aggravating, though the nadir has to be the moment when Christopher Lloyd flies up Amelia Earhart's nose. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin makes a last-minute appearance to assure kiddies there were no flies on him. With a name like that, he should've known better.

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