Flash game freebie: Koi2

Who needs drugs when you’ve got something as screwed up as Koi2 to completely blow your mind? Party-Tencho makes some of the weirdest free games we’ve ever experienced, but this one might take the cake. You play as a young man seeking to woo a female companion sitting at the table across from you. Instead of sweet words, pretty flowers, or chocolates, you express your undying love by launching your decapitated hand to whack her in the forehead. Yeah, it only gets freakier from there.

The general idea is to poke your love in the forehead as many times as possible within a short time limit, by rapid-firing a volley of your missile hands at her face. However, both of you are situated on platforms that move up and down independently of one another, so you have to constantly adjust your height to hit the sweet spot. The gal doesn’t make things any easier for you as well. She erects a cornucopia of bizarre defenses to try to deflect your shots, including a bloody hockey mask, blown bubble gum, wild hairdos, horse heads, demon faces, and more.

Just when you think the game couldn’t get any more ridiculous… it does. Grabbing powers-ups that fall from the sky transforms the entire scene. At one point we turned into a devil immersed in hellfire that shot bolts of the hot stuff at the object of our affection. At another moment, we busted out a boom box and 80s rapper garb to launch microphones at her. Other costumes include a furry suit, a zombie ghost thing, and a ripped boxing dude outfit. Then there’s the insanity-inducing sing-song music that repeats at high frequency throughout the whole game. Feel like topping your day off with a rapid dose of bat-shit crazy? Play ithere (opens in new tab).

May 6, 2010