Phil Spencer reveals 8K Xbox Series X CPU in cheeky Twitter flex

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The year of the next-gen console is upon us, and Phil Spencer is starting it off right: the Xbox head has changed his Twitter avatar to a picture of the Xbox Series X processor. Ultimate flex. 

(Image credit: Phil Spencer on Twitter)

There's not too much we can glean from this picture, but here's what we do know: As you can see above, 8K is clearly emblazoned on this bad boy, which tracks with Microsoft's claim that the upcoming console can output at resolutions with quadruple the pixels of the 4K Xbox One X. Whether or not the general public will have 8K displays readily available to them is a different story, but in the next-gen console race, it's good to see Xbox is ready to deliver. There's also a QR code (you can't scan it, I tried), as well as the faintest etching of the Xbox logo in the top left corner. 

But perhaps the most interesting thing we've learned from Phil Spencer's new Twitter pic is that the CPU is labelled Project Scarlett. I have so many questions... is this another example of Microsoft's odd brand messaging? As GamesRadar+ previously reported, the Xbox Series X is only one of Microsoft's next-gen consoles, and it's technically just called Xbox - the 'Series X' simply denotes the model type. Or is this picture merely showing an older model CPU, like the one for the system that Phil Spencer is reportedly using at home

Also, why is this processor so dang thicc? As previously reported, Spencer recently discussed a Digital Foundry article discussing the console's design. That article implies the console's massive processing power necessitated some serious upgrades when it came to cooling - hence why the console is so chonky. Thicc CPU inside of a chonky case? I guess it makes sense.

If this Phil Spencer Twitter flex has you excited for the next-gen console, you're not alone, and you should probably check out our list of upcoming Xbox Series X games. 

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