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First Ridge Racer 3D trailer released - use your imagination for the 3D bit

For me, racing games are the most appropriate use of 3D technology - the ability to gauge depth adds a lot to a Need for Speed or Gran Turismo. In this case, it's Ridge Racer 3D for the 3DS.

The first trailer for Ridge Racer 3D was released yesterday - it's all cinematic-ey, but it isn't as if you can fully appreciate the three-dimensional gameplay until you get your hands on a 3DS, anyway. It's still cool to see a bit of the game's flare.

Ridge Racer 3D will feature local multiplayer for up to four racers, new and classic tracks, a brand new set of cars in the virtual garage, and a new 'Drift Button.' The game also features Mii support, since the 3DS will have Miis (even though that name makes markedly less sense on a system that doesn't have two 'i's in it).

Jan 27, 2011