Fired Up! review

Two lads manage to sneak their way into cheerleader camp

It’s a set-up that reeks of early-’80s T&A titillation: two lady-killing high school football stars (Eric Christian Olsen, Nicholas D’Agosto) ditch a gruelling summer of practice to weasel their way into cheerleader camp, where they’ll be the only hetero-males among a veritable flesh-ocean of fetching young women.

Surprisingly, first-time director Will Gluck takes this raunchy premise and twists it into a boobs-free romantic comedy, anchored by the rubber-faced Olsen and the goofball gusto of John Michael Higgins as a loopy camp counsellor.

Toss in an airy ’90s pop soundtrack and you’ve got the best pom-pom-com since Bring It On.

Ken McIntyre

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