Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones guide

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones guide
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Use this Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones guide to discover all of the different unlockable characters you can collect during the campaign, as well as tips to help you complete your journey.

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones unlockables

GBA | Submitted by Cameron

Super Trainee

If you beat the game twice (once with Erika, once with Ephraim) and upgrade Ross, Ewan, and Amelia, you have the option of upgrading them to Super Trainee.

Note: You may not be offered the job when they upgrade automatically/for the first time.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Rennac (Ephraim`S Story)

Use L'Arachel to talk to him.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Innes (Eirika`S Story)

In chapter 10 use Eirika or Tana to talk to him.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Duessel (Ephraim`S Story)

In chapter 10 Duessel will join you weather or not Ephraim talks to him.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Rennac (Ephraim`S Story)

In chapter 14 use L'Arachel to talk to him.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Gerik (Eirika`S Story)

In chapter 10 use Innes or Tethys to talk to him.

GBA | Submitted by Justin

Silver Weapons

Once you beat chapter 19 go to the Rausten Court, go to the armory and you can buy silver weapons.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Marisa (Eirika`S Story)

In chapter 10 use Gerik to talk to her.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Marisa (Ephraim`S Story)

Use Ewan to talk to her.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Cormag (Ephraim`S Story)

In chapter 10 Duessel must talk to Cormag in order for Cormag to join your team.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Tethys (Eirika`S Story)

In chapter 10 use Innes to talk to her.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Dozla (Ephraim`S Story)

In chapter 11 use L'Arachel to talk to him.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock Ewan (Ephraim`S Story)

In chapter 12 instruct one of your party members to enter the house with the red roof.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster

Unlock L'Arachel (Ephraim`S Story)

In chapter 11 use Ephraim to talk to her.

GBA | Submitted by Luke! I am your brother!

Extra Characters

These are extra guys you get AFTER you beat the game!

Caellach(Hero)-beat tower 3rd floor

Orson(Paladin)-beat the tower 6th floor

Reiv(Bishop)-beat the tower 7th floor

Ismaire(Swordmaster)-beat the tower

Selena(Mage Knight)-beat the tower 3 times

Glen(Dragon Master)-beat the ruins 5th floor

Hayden(Ranger)-beat the ruins 5th floor

Valter(Wyvern Knight)-beat the ruins 7th floor Fado(General)-beat the ruins

Lyon(Necromancer)-beat the ruins 3 times

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones tips

GBA | Submitted by lilputin

Unlimited Swiftsoles/Dragon Shields

First off you need to have character with 5 movement. (MUST BE 5 AND NOT 6!!)

Enter the ruins and on the battle option menu. (where u select your character)

Goto CheckMap.And click Formation. put the person with 5 movement in the middle.

(Its easiest just to have the one person.)

Start the battle.

Click on the character and move the arrow in a pattern like this.


The game should form a smaller arrow because the character can only move 5 spaces.

Hit B after thats down.

Repeat the process 13 times.

Then Retreat.

Retreat/Re-enter 3 times.

On the third time their should be a wight close to you with a Swiftsole and a Purple Centaur thing (sorry forgot what its called) near the bottom with a dragon shield.

If you dont quite understand goto this link.

And click the video Fire emblem Infinite Swifsoles Updated.

Hope this helps.

GBA | Submitted by lilputin

Infinite Money (Creature Campaign Only)

First off goto/enter the ruins.

Then retreat. (save your game when save menu comes up).


Right at the start their will be a wight with a brave sword.

Then abit further on in the starting path their should be a wight with a orions bolt.

After their should be a group of four wights.

One of them gives you a brave bow.

Hope this helps :D

GBA | Submitted by Lileana

Training Method

Tower of Valni 1st floor

To train units toward the end of the game that you didn't train before, first go to the tower. When the game asks which units to take in, choose 4 units with good defense and/or avoid and the one you will be training. Take away the weapons from the 4 strong units, and give the trainee a weapon(s) that can attack long range. When the battle starts, go out onto the middle of the floor and surround the weak unit with the strong ones. The monsters will attack the strong units, and the weak one will be able to attack and kill them without any kind of counterattack (except from archers or monsters with a long range weapon). This is a safe way to train units like Ross, Amelia, or Ewan if you haven't yet because there is less chance of them getting attacked and killed.

GBA | Submitted by The one and only!

Easy Money And Experience

Ch. 5: The Empire's Reach

When you get to chapter 5 you should see an arena there. Make sure you have Moulder and Natasha in your party. Just clear the map of all enemy's except the boss. Once this is done you are free to use the arena as many times as you want. BE CAREFUL!! if a person dies in the arena they are lost forever so watch yourself. But this is a easy way to get money and experience. follow the arenas directions and you will never die in it. Be sure you Talk to Joshua in this level too. He isnt needed to use the arena but he is a character that could prove useful. Have fun and enjoy! btw this does take some time but if you are patient enough you could get all your characters to get a class change. There is no other arena in the game so take use of this one as much as possible.

GBA | Submitted by doom

Fast Characters

After you beat the game, start a new file and hold A when a unit is moving. They will move very fast. No more waiting!

GBA | Submitted by 22

Level Up Knoll Easily

Go to the Tower and Guard Knoll with your 5 best characters. Kill everyone but the boss. Put Knoll 5 spaces away form the boss and summon a guy, put the guy in font of the boss but don't attack. Keep on doing this to him until he dies.

GBA | Submitted by bringiton20

Devil Phantom

If you have a summoner on your team, as you grow stronger you might get a phantom that has a devil axe instead of an iron axe. The devil axe is one of the most powerful axes in the game, but its side effect might hurt you instead of your enemy. So your phantom will be very powerful but won't last a long time. The phantom must be level 11 before you get devil axe. Level increases the more you summon it and fight with it.

GBA | Submitted by whoz ur daddy

Easy Way To Train Ross

On lvl 3 {Bandits of Borgo} make sure Bazba has his steel axe out. Then put Seth and Franz aginst the wall

[ Bazba ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ Ross Franz ]

[ ]

[ Seth ]

____ _ __ ]

Make Ross throw his hachet at Bazba, then rescue him with Franz. Have Seth take him from Franz, drop him, then repeat. If he isn't lvl 10 and Bazba is almost dead, leave him alone for a while and let him regen, then attack.

GBA | Submitted by G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-UNIT

Strong People

In this game, you can level your people up, but you have a choice to which class you level them up to. However, different people are stronger as different classes. For example, you may want to make someone a great knight, but they'd be better as a paladin. So, I've taken the time of beating the game 4 times and getting every character and leveling them up to different classes each time, and this is a list of all the people, and how you should level them up if you want to put them to their full potential.

Eirieka - Lord - Great Lord (auto)

Seth - already leveled up

Franz - Cavalier - Great knight

Gilliam - Knight - General

Moulder - Priest - Bishop

Vanessa - Pegasus Knight - Wyvern Knight

Ross - Journey Man - Pirate - Berserker

Garcia - Fighter - Warrior

Neimi - Archer - Ranger

Colm - Thief - Assassin

Artur - Monk - Sage

Lute - Mage - Mage Knight

Natasha - Cleric - Bishop

Joshua - Myrmidon - Swordmaster

Ephraim - Lord - Great Lord (auto)

Forde - Cavalier - actually either class works for him

Kyle - Cavalier - Paladin

Tana - Pegasus Knight - Falcon Knight

Amelia - Recruit - Knight - General

Duessel - already leveled up

Cormag - Wyvern Rider - Wyvern Lord

Knoll - Shaman - Summoner

L'archel - Troubadour - Valkyrie

Dozla - already leveled up

Ewan - Pupil - Shaman - Druid

Saleh - already leveled up

Innes - already leveled up

Gerik - Mercenary - Hero

Tethys - Dancer - N/A

Marisa - Myrmidon - Swordmaster

Rennac - already leveled up

Myyrh - Manakete - N/A

Syrene - already leveled up

GBA | Submitted by The Ultamate Gamer

Keep Orson's Weapons

When you are on Chapter 5x (Unbroken Heart), defeat Zonta. Then when you are going to seize the throne have Ephraim, Forde,or Kyle get Orson's weapons. When you're on Chapter 7 (It's A Trap!) Ephraim, Forde, and Kyle will come. The one that got Orson's weapons will still have them. The weapons he had were a Silver Sword and a Steel Lance.

GBA | Submitted by Aaron Goodwin

Purge Spell

Chapter 16 (The one with Orson)

(These strategies are different depending on whose side you take)

Ephraim's Side: A Sage-unit will eventually apper with two spells, Divine and Purge. When you have the chance, surround him with 4 of your units. Put everyone else outside of his attack range. Then, he'll attack with Divine (you kill him afterwards). Now you will have Purge (Purge is good against the Demon King).

Eirika's Side: this is just like Ephraim's Side, but the Sage-unit is already there.

GBA | Submitted by Kris E.

Easy Trainee And Archer Level Up

Go to the Tower of Valni and have your strong units defeat all enemies but the boss, and have your weak units attack from a distance. Then they get a large amount of Exp.

GBA | Submitted by Mas(j)ta u(e)v strat(b)egy

Higher Stats!

Don't be so quick to change your person's profession when they get to level 10. If you wait to level them up at 15, 16, 17... 20, your character's stats will jump up 3, 4, or even 5 in multiple places. Also, if you can use new weapons with this upgrade your starting weapon level may be higher.

GBA | Submitted by cairkowski

Easy Way To Get Rid Of Monsters

When there are monsters blocking your path and you can't get through, or you just want to get rid of them, there is a really easy way to do it. Go into the skirmish and just start the battle. The second it starts push the A button when the cursor is on a blank piece of land and then click retreat. This will take you to the save screen. Save it and it will take you back to the map. After you do this the monsters will be gone.

GBA | Submitted by CheatMaster1021

Getting Ross

In chapter 2 use Vanessa to rescue Ross.Then, use Moulder to heal Ross. Finally, use Eirika to talk to Ross so he will join your party.

GBA | Submitted by 0megaI46


Have around a Lvl. 1-5 Wyvern Lord/Knight Cormag attack with a dragonspear.

GBA | Submitted by 0megaI46


Any anti-knight weapon or the Reginlief works.

GBA | Submitted by cheatdemon22

Defeat Demon King

the Demon King is really hard. Unlike the Dragon in Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken, The Demon King moves. You battle the Demon King after you kill Prince Lyon who is very strong, an S in Dark Magic, and is a Necromancer (same thing as a Dark Druid in previous Fire Emblem), has a Naglfar (S Dark Magic), and has 73 HP. Ok, back to the Demon King. Hopefully your Mrryh still has atleast 2 uses of Dragonstone left. She does 45 damage max. It works best if your Mrryh is a level 20 Manakete with 20 Strength, Defense, and Resistence. The Demon King might do a double strike and if your Resistence isn't high enough, he might do a critical hit. After your Mrryh attacks, use Seth (hopefully an S in lances) with Vidnofir, Eirika with Sieglinde or Audhulma, possibly Saleh with Excalibur, Garcia or Dozla with Garm, and Ephraim with Siegmund. Innes or Knoll with Nidhogg and Gleipnir might not work except for a kill. They have low HP unless you train them a lot. Now that you've killed the Demon King, head over to Tower of Valni or the Lagdou Ruins to get some pretty good characters like Lyon, or Valter. You can also get some royalty like King Fado, King Hayden, and Queen Ismaire.

GBA | Submitted by Mad Davey Cash

Weapon Triangle

An Ax is good against a lance. A Sword is good against a Ax. A lance is good against a sword.

GBA | Submitted by Rerto Jedi

Getting Amelia

Amelia is a simple recruit for the Grado army. She is very weak at first, but can grow powerful wiht the right training. You can get her in Eirika's capaign after the split of her and Ephriam and Innes. One of the ways to acquire Amelia is to talk to her with Franz. There is probably an alternative way to do this, like there is with nearly every other bonus character in the game.

GBA | Submitted by 0megaI46

Riev And Dracozombie (Chapter 19)

Have Myrrh draw Riev into an ambush and attack him with silver or sacred weapons. Use sacred weapons on Dracozombie.

GBA | Submitted by 0megaI46

Lyon (Final Chapter)

Have a good fighter clear the monsters out and use a sacred lance with eprhaim to kill him.

GBA | Submitted by 0megaI46


Have a thief take his Hoplon Guard, and use a swordmaster or unit with a killing weapon attack. Riev (Chapter 18) Have your best defended units or a summoned phantom attack him until he is weakened, then finish him.

GBA | Submitted by 0megaI46

Selena (Ephraim)

Have Seth sit just inside of her range, and a healer heal him if hit. The use a horselayer, or Reginlief.

GBA | Submitted by jordwow

Beat Caellach Easy!

Caellach is one of the hardest bosses with is Sliver Axe and Tomahawk. But, I have the way to take him down easy. When you start the mission you get a new character, Knoll. What you do with him is you turn him into a Summoner with a guilding ring (If you don't have one get the Master Seal at the begging and use that). Once all that is left is Caellach you keep summing the Phantoms and attack Caellach with them, until he has used up all of his wepons. Now he has nothing from stopping you from killing him.

GBA | Submitted by 0megaI46

Demon King (Final Battle)

Surround him with sacred weapon wieldeers and kill him easily.

GBA | Submitted by king_hayden

Control Enemy Glitch/Teach Dark Magic

On chapter nineteen, it is possible to control your enemies for one turn. To do this, draw an enemy to one of the fire trap spaces and wait for them to attack. Right when the enemy turns gray, restart the game (start + select + A + B or the power button.) Resume the battle. You should be able to move your enemy now. When you end the turn, you will regain control of your characters, but you will not be able to control your enemies the next turn unless you redo the glitch.

You can use this glitch to teach anyone dark magic. Before you use the glitch, move Eirika so that an enemy will be able to move right next to her. Then activate the glitch. Move the enemy next to Eirika and click on supply. Give all of its items to her. To teach dark magic to a unit, you will need a stone. End the turn and take the stone out of supply. Give it to the unit you want to learn dark magic and attack with it. Your dark magic level will raise to E. Use the stone until it gets to at least D. That unit should be able to use Flux.

NOTICE: Teaching dark magic to a unit that uses weapons will change some things. The weapon level page on their info thing will change to magic. The weapon levels will still work, but you won't be able to see what they are. Strength will turn to magic, which doesn't really do anything except say 'magic' where strength usually is. When you attack, the unit will use its long range attack, and it will not show anything hitting the enemy. The HP of the enemy will not go down until you finish attacking the enemy.

I highly suggest getting a Demon Surge from this glitch. It is a dark magic weapon with unlimited uses, 1-2 range, decent power, and any unit can use it. It won't raise your dark magic level, but it doesn't really matter; Demon Surge is good enough. The only bad thing is that if you enjoy watching the animations, you won't be able to when a weapon user attacks with demon surge.

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