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Final Fantasy XIV gets new patch and subscription incentives

Final Fantasy XIV has weathered its share of storms, but now Square Enix is offering some new incentives for those who give it a second chance. This week, the studio rolled out patch 1.22, introducing a slew of fresh missions, items, materia, recipes, and gameplay fixes; all of which can be enjoyed for less with the recently revealed Legacy Campaign and Welcome Back Campaign promotions.

The Legacy Campaign is being offered to subscribers who have been active for at least 90 days between January 6, 2012, and the commencement of the version 2.0 beta testing. Those that fit this criteria will be able to secure a reduced subscription rate of $9.99 per month. They will also receive an in-game Chocobo mount designed by FFXIV's art director and have their name immortalized in version 2.0's credits when it launches.

“The Legacy Campaign is our little way of saying thanks to those adventurers who have stuck by us even after billing commenced—for standing fast through rain, hail, shine, and the Seventh Umbral Era. Be sure not to miss out on this limited-time opportunity!” wrote Naoki Yoshida in his latest producer's message.

Meanwhile, the Welcome Back Campaign is geared to those who hold inactive accounts. It offers defectors a free, 10-day membership between May 9 and May 20.

There you have it: A new patch and subscription perks. Is this enough to make you interested, or are you over with Square Enix's online fantasy?

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