Final Fantasy title coming to PS4

Talk about a tease. At Sony's PS4 coming-out party today, Square Enix took to the stage to announce...a Final Fantasy title is in development for the PlayStation 4. The, erm, announcement came by way of Shinji Hashimoto, brand director on the Final Fantasy franchise.

Hashimoto offered zero details on what the next-gen Final Fantasy entails. However, the announcement came after Square Enix took to the stage to show off a PS4 tech demo, built on its Luminous Engine, which had previously been seen at E3 2012.

It is unclear if the new Final Fantasy will be the long-undercover Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was first announced in 2006. As late as last year, Hashimoto confirmed that FF Versus XIII is still in development, and new information is expected to be unveiled in 2013.