Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection trailer teases games you've already played

Once upon a time, it was my dream of dreams to see Final Fantasy IV re-released, remade or just acknowledged in some new way. That wish was granted... and then some.Since 2001,we've seenFFIV on PS1, GBA and DS, plus The After Years, a download-only direct sequel to FFIV. I daresay that's ENOUGH of Cecil, Kain, Rosa and the like... but hell I can't resist playing through it every time there's a new version. And theupcoming PSP compilation of FFIV and The After Years looks juuuuuust new enough to sucker me into buying it on April 19.

Though to be honest, Ibasically hatedAfter Years, so I can't cite its inclusion as a reason to buy the Complete Collection. If you're tiring of this particular Final Fantasy, there's not a lot to pull you back in; a new playable area that connects the events of FFIV and The After Years, plus an updated take on the soundtrack and spell effects are nice touches, but generally speaking it's FFIV for the fifth-ish time. And yeah I'll probably still buy it. I am part of the problem.

Feb 4, 2011

Brett Elston

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