Video game commentary is hard! This and more revelations in our downloadable FIFA 12 brochure

With the disgraced Andy Gray banished to the stands, Alan Smith is the newest commentator on the FIFA block, and his dulcit tones will be making their gaming debut when FIFA 12 goes on sale in the UK this Friday. But, apparently, he found six hour stints of vocal recording harder than 90 minutes with commentating duties on Sky. Who'd have thunk it? That's just one of the many snippets of information you'll find in this deluxe, downloadable FIFA 12 brochure, brought to you by our sister site, CVG. It's got a developer interview, pictures of the new player likenesses, it's in handy PDF format... it even costs nothing. So hit the link below and get yourself in the mood for some futbie!

FIFA 12 brochure (.pdf)

28 Sep, 2011

Justin Towell

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