FIFA 07 review

FIFA makes its usual improvements but has it finally caught up with PES?

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On the field, FIFA feels better than ever. Or, to be precise, more like PES than ever. You can string slick passing moves together with ease, pinging the ball between players skilfully. And with another nod to Konami - and, erm, real life - you now have to actually face in your desired direction before hitting a pass otherwise it'll be slow and less accurate.

Shooting? Well, bulging the back of the net is massively satisfying and with the addition of the Finesse Shot (L2 and square to add swerve and control to a shot) this is an area that's well-catered for real goal-getters.

Our only problem is the regularity of which high and wide shots are scuffed. Running on to a shot in an effort to drill it home often sees the ball cannon into the front row of seats rather than the top corner of the net now that so much emphasis has been placed on tweaking the shooting attributes. But you'll largely be zipping home drives rather than squandering chances like Sunderland's goal-shy striker Jon Stead.

Pinpoint through-balls - whether lofted or burning worms across the grass - work really well and can put the defence on the back foot easily.

Above: With the improved shot system, FIFA 07 now feels solid in front of the goal

Even that under-appreciated 'trick stick' has had a reworking. Instead of randomly twanging the right analogue and hoping for any sort of lollipop, you now need to knock it left and right to shimmy, or twist it round to do a Zidane headbu... sorry, spin. Also, extravagant showponies like the Portuguese winger Ronaldo have their unique special tricks.

While the action has been liberated, however, FIFA can still look a bit gluey. From time to time you get locked into a few split-seconds of set moves which undoes a lot of the good work that's on display and whiffs unfortunately of old FIFA.

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DescriptionA pretty fun and accurate - a FIFA game fan's term for difficult - handheld game that makes for a suitable soccer fan's traveling companion. Not quite enough of an evolution, however, to warrant replacing your earlier DS FIFA games.
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