"Feels like the spiritual successor to Mario 64": Super Mario Odyssey scores 10/10 in Edge magazine review

Super Mario Odyssey has scored 10/10 in its first review from respected UK games magazine Edge. Nintendo's adventure, released on October 27th, joins an elite band of titles including Halo: Combat Evolved, Half-Life 2 and The Last of Us in receiving a flawless score from the publication. Another Switch game, Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the last game to receive an Edge 10/10, with the magazine awarding less than 20 perfect scores in its 24-year history. "Like BOTW, Odyssey is a new entry in a long-running series that belies its age with sprightly invention", claims the review, "taking big risks with an established formula and having them all pay off handsomely".

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Edge praise the game's central possession mechanic, where Mario uses his hat to take control of characters and objects including flying Bullet Bills, frogs and even dinosaurs, citing it as the 'series' most versatile ability to date'. Mario's own abilities get an overhaul, with the return of the triple-jump, plus old favorites like the backflip. Edge hails Super Mario Odyssey as an experience best enjoyed on the TV, not via handheld, due to the sheer delight of using the Joy Cons in each hand. The reviewer describes jumping in and out of the Seaside Kingdom ocean, just to feel the fizz of the controllers. Edge's review goes into far deeper detail, with a full page of Post Script analysis, which assesses Odyssey's place in the wider Mario lineage.

You'll be able to make up your own mind about Super Mario Odyssey when the game launches on Nintendo Switch this October 27th. GamesRadar+'s Sam Loveridge adored the few hours she's played so far, based on our recent Super Mario Odyssey preview and we voted it our best game of E3 2017.

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