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Fed up with your pathetic human DNA? Albert Wesker makes a convincing argument for injecting Uroboros

Imagine if Tricell Pharmaceutical Company made a product that transformed wimpy men into deadly killers who could survive being neck deep in a river of volcanic magma. Imagine that product being called 'Old Uroboros' and being endorsed by Resident Evil's metrosexual bad guy Albert Wesker. Now imagine if the TV commercial for 'Old Uroboros' was like this...

It took TWO rockets exploding in Wesker's beautiful face to finish him off. And his hair looked immaculate the whole time. Even Chris Redfield and his nuclear-bombs-for-arms would feel inferior after a boss battle with Wesker. 'Old Uroboros'? I'll take some.

Wesker voice actor D.C. Douglas deserves extra internet points for this fine parody of thealso amusing Old Spice ads. It's not the first time D.C. has entertained us with amusing words coming out of Wesker's mouth. Remember this:

Complete. Global. Masturbation. Now there's a plan.

Feb 1, 2011

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