Feast Of Love review

Richard Benton made his name co-writing Bonnie & Clyde and Superman before bagging a directing Oscar for Kramer Vs Kramer. But the 75-year-old helmer can expect few plaudits for this smorgasbord of sheer misery. Greg Kinnear thinks he’s happily married to Selma Blair, who turn, turn, turns lesbian after one airing of a Travis song on a jukebox. Morgan Freeman saw it coming, of course, being an oracle of all human life. So when Greg gets himself a faithful dog and an unfaithful new girlfriend (Radha Mitchell), Morgan knows the omens aren’t good... With the feel of a soap opera edited down to feature-length and greeting-card clunky dialogue, no amount of moonlit nipples can distract from the fact that – Kinnear’s comic timing apart – this is one big famine of fun.

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