Fast Food review

Writer/director Stewert Sugg's big-screen debut tells the tale of a group of people who take all sorts of exciting drugs, and act in all sorts of exciting illegal ways. And that's about all they do.

There is some semblance of a plot, but its attempts to be `surreal' fail abysmally. It tries all at once to be a Brit flick and an American indie-pic, but misses on both halves - - like genetically splicing Peter Cushing and Whoopi Goldberg, and creating "Peter Goldberg" instead of the alternative, far more hilarious, possibility.

Remorseless and inconsequential murder doesn't a good movie make. Rather, it leaves an unpleasant bitterness in the mouth that no toothpaste, no matter how stripy, can remove. Plot holes, average acting, and a misunderstanding of the crime genre make for 90 minutes of tedious dross. And Sean Hughes is only in it for three minutes, so don't be fooled by that cast list.


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