Fantasy football, cartoon ants for Wii

It's taken forever, but more and more games are being announced for Wii in a timely fashion. Midway is the latest company to pledge its support for Nintendo's next console, adding make-believe, testosterone-soaked Blitz: The League to its fall lineup.

The League won't have the NFL license, which explains its emphasis on arcade-style gameplay. Last year's title also explored the melodrama players go through on and off the field by weaving fictional football tales. No word if you'll be able to chase after your own merchandising rights - because we really want to know if Chunky soup is as popular with fantasy football players.

Above: Everything about the NFL, exaggerated through the roof.

Midway also announced Happy Feet and The Ant Bully, both based upon upcoming movies. Happy Feet, obviously, is about a tap-dancing penguin, while The Ant Bully is all about... ants. Computer-generated ants.

All three titles will be available for other platforms as well, and should all arrive somewhere in the October-November period.

May 4, 2006