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Family Guy review

Two thirds of this game will make you effing cry

Meanwhile, Brian's stealth missions are infinitely more maddening, requiring the rote memorization of every area. Venture past one obstacle, get caught, start from scratch. Get caught a bit later, start again. There are nice gags sprinkled along the way, and Brian gets to don a few disguises, but the tedium of painstakingly sneaking from shadow to shadow, only to do it over and over again, outweighs that enjoyment.

Leave it to Stewie to save the day. Peter can only punch, kick, and jump, and Brian can only sneak around with a lampshade on his head, but Stewie can double-jump, float suspended from helium balloons, grapple to out-of-the-way places, control human minds, and ricochet his upgradeable blaster's fire. While the other two characters are left with tired one-note gameplay, Stewie makes the world his playground. What's more, his segments are easily the funniest, from the rocket-birthing women of the hospital to awesome gameplay homages to arcade classics Centipede and Galaga.

For what it's worth, the look and feel of Quahog and its bizarre residents is captured by simplistic but appealing graphics, and the show's cast provides all voices. The only difference between the console and PSP versions is the latter's aggravating penchant for intermittent audio problems and a hobbled frame rate.

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DescriptionDespite some great material, the Griffin family stumbles badly in its first video game outing, with only one of its three distinct gameplay threads managing to crawl out of its own tedious swamp.
PlatformPS2, Xbox, PSP
US censor ratingMature
Release date16 October 2006 (US), 27 September 2006 (UK)