Family friendly Halo games on the horizon?

Microsoft may be thinking of taking the Halo franchise in 'unusual' directions, if a marketing survey is anything to go by.

In a questionnaire sent out by an external research company, participants were asked to rate a number of possible Halo projects on a scale from 'definitely would purchase' to 'definitely would not purchase'.

As you can see from an excerpt of the marketing survey (pictured onKotaku) some of the options border on the surreal.

Aside from the obviously amusing 'family friendly Halo game' option, our favourite has to be 'Halo LEGO game'. Whilst a miniature Master Chief would tickle us, we're not sure the puzzle solving platform action of Lego really maps to the Halo universe.

Most plausible options involve a squad based shooter Halo and a couple of new FPS games.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 25, 2008