Celebrate Fallout: New Vegas' 10th anniversary with this modern take on the original

Fallout: New Vegas is officially 10 years old as of today, and there's no better way to celebrate than with a fresh trailer for its very own fan-led resurrection.

The community of creators behind Fallout 4: New Vegas commemorated the decennial anniversary with a new gameplay trailer that shows off their work. If you haven't heard of the project before, it's exactly what it sounds like: an effort to bring the game world and story of Fallout: New Vegas, which was built on the fundamentals of Fallout 3, to Fallout 4.

The mod creators showed off an interaction with the infamous lottery-winning NPC earlier this year, but this is far and away the most of the mod we've seen so far. The trailer ranges across new-and-improved versions of familiar Mojave Wasteland landmarks, including Goodsprings and Primm. It also reintroduces some familiar faces, like your robot dog best friend Rex and that asshole Vulpes Inculta (pictured in the distance, just a few seconds before we all shoot him to death then inevitably reload because having a Legion vendetta that early in the game is rough).

I don't think the trailer shows off any of the New Vegas strip itself, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's being held back for a proper reveal of its own. I remember being a little awestruck the first time I loaded into the Strip… and then very confused and frustrated when the exit door broke and I had to use console commands to escape. Hopefully the modders aren't quite so faithful about recreating New Vegas' glitches.

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Connor Sheridan

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