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Fallout 4 PS4 mods beta delayed after technical difficulties

Fallout 4 players on PS4 will have to wait a while longer to start modifying their lives in the Commonwealth. Bethesda Game Studios announced in a Tweet that the mod beta for the platform, which it previously said was "close to ready", is taking more time to get working than anticipated.

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Mods have been live on Xbox One for nearly a month, but it sounds like PS4 and PSN architecture are giving Bethesda more trouble than their Microsoft counterparts. Bethesda previously said it was having problems with PS4's proprietary sound format and loading the proper optimized textures, though it may have encountered even more problems since then.

The public version should follow in short order once Bethesda gets the beta ready. Then every Fallout 4 platform can bask in super-realistic guns and a bevy of anatomical enhancements.

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Pictured mod: I'm Ghoulish - Playable Ghouls

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