Leaked Fallout 4 gameplay video shows perks, hacking, and lockpicking

UPDATE: Looks like the video's been pulled offline. But you can still read the synopsis if you didn't catch it in time!

Original story: This leaked Fallout 4 footage is 25 percent shoulder and 25 percent overexposed mess, but the rest is exciting new gameplay. The video was apparently taken at a Gamescom demonstration where recording was strictly verboten, which explains why it's taken from roughly shirt-pocket level.

The video starts off showing some of Fallout 4's new character customization, including a long list of perks, each of which seems to have a little animation that demonstrates how the perk will affect your game (like a dude blowing up real good for Bloody Mess). You'll have plenty of time to unlock them, since Fallout 4 has no level cap and keeps going after the main story is resolved.

Most of the video is spent exploring Lexington and killing its feral ghoul residents with all manner of firearms, from hand-cranked laser muskets to flamethrowers - Fallout 4 has all kinds of murderous implements. It's also the first we've seen of Fallout 4's hacking and lockpicking minigames, which both seem to be largely identical to their Fallout 3 and New Vegas counterparts. No complaints there, I still quite enjoy playing random-word Mastermind on a green-screen computer.

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