Fallout 4 must know tips & Destiny's new exotics: The GR Weekly Wrap up

It's Wrap Up time which is all Fallout-y again this week because apparently you lot are still quite excited about it. So we've got the results of a poll where we asked you if Fallout 4 was as good as you hoped it would be. Spoiler: most of you are on board with Bethesda's post apocalyptic shooter, with only only 2% having no interest in playing it. Although not everyone's entirely happy...

We've also got some must know Fallout 4 tips - the little things the game just doesn't tell you. Did you know there's a torch for example? Or or a cover system? And, finally, we run through the 15 year 1 Destiny exotics being brought through to year 2 levels in the December update.

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