Fallout 4 mod lets you attach any mod to any weapon, and no, it's not balanced at all

Add this one to the list of "things we want when mods come to Fallout 4 on consoles (opens in new tab)": Modder LucasGod has created (opens in new tab) "Any Mod Any Weapon," which removes all in-game weapon mod restrictions, letting you attach - you guessed it - any mod to any weapon. It's a mod for mods! Mod-ception!

The good news is you could, for example, make a rapid-launching rocket launcher, or a gatling gun that shoots radioactive lasers. The not-so-great news is that the mod doesn't limit options to just you, meaning some enterprising raiders out there might suddenly ascend to godhood, cackling maniacally as they launch heat-seeking mini-nukes. As LucasGod puts plainly on the download page: "It's not balanced, not immersive … but it's really fun!"

A tip then, if you want to become the only wasteland wanderer with absurd weaponry: install the mod, create what you want, and uninstall it. Your franken-weapon will live on, while the mod's uninstall will prevent others from following suit. Just do me a favor when you're altering your weapon: don't hold back.

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Sam Prell

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