It isn't just Dogmeat - none of your Fallout 4 companions can die in battle

We already knew Dogmeat would be relatively safe in Fallout 4, and Bethesda has gone on to confirm that the rest of your faithful non-canine companions will be the same. Game director Todd Howard confirms in a new video interview from Bethesda that, when any one of the game's 12 companions is actively following you, they "can't be killed in that state."

That means no more jamming the quick load button every time you hear your pal's death rattle, and no need for a "Puppies!" perk just to get them back if you were too late. Bad guys can still take your companions out, but a Stimpak will always get them back on their feet.

Howard carefully specified they can't be killed "in that state," so I wouldn't be surprised if the Sole Survivor's companions suffer more narratively significant deaths from time to time. At least you don't have to worry about an errant mole rat getting a lucky critical hit and insta-gibbing the love of your post-apocalyptic life.

As a bonus, here's some video of River, the real-life German shepherd that inspired the new-and-improved Dogmeat.

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