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Smash heads with Fallout 4's Big Leagues Perk

Fallout 4 has a lot of love for huge guns, like mini-nuke launchers and customizable plasma rifles, but sometimes you want to get up close and clobber the hell out of somebody. When that time comes, you'll be glad you invested in the Big Leagues Perk.

A second level Strength Perk (which means you need at least two ranks of the Strength SPECIAL stat to unlock it), Big Leagues is all about unleashing your inner sultan of swat. It's not just for baseball bats - the fifth rank makes you deal double damage with all melee weapons, and even cripple limbs or smash heads like rotting pumpkins - but getting a critical hit with a bat in VATS is just too perfect. Step up, swing away, and make sure you bring a clean Vault jumpsuit to change into afterwards.

You can always head down to the batting cages if the wait for November 10, Fallout 4's release date, becomes too unbearable.

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