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Fable guide
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Use this Fable guide to earn a huge amount of skill experience points early on in your adventure, then take on board the rest of the tips to give yourself an advantage during the story.

Fable tips

Xbox | Submitted by Street Racer

Unlimited Skill Experience Points

In the Beginning of the game, the hero is being trained at the Guild. Right after he turns into a teenager, he is to pass three tests. They are melee training, skill training, and will training. Once you pass all these tests, Maze will test you himself. First he will ask you to use melee attacks on him. Instead of doing that, take out your Yew Longbow, lock on to him, and shoot him from a distance. He takes damage but won't die. You won't be punished for your actions either. I gained 5000 Skill Experience Points in just 15 Minutes!

Xbox | Submitted by Robbin

More Cash

Anywhere that has a house

Go a town where a house is for sale, and buy the house. Buy decorations, then put in your trophy, and sell the house with the trophy still inside. Break in and take back the trophy, then buy the house, put the trophy back in the house and sell it again. Repeat this step until you have lots of cash.

Xbox | Submitted by spanishmonkey13

Throw Rocks At Trolls

To throw rocks at rock trolls, get far enough from the troll that it throws rocks at you. Target him and slash the rock he threw and it will fly back at him (note: this may not work with earth trolls.)

Xbox | Submitted by Deepo Feepo

Unlimited Stength Exp.

Cliffside Path

In the Cliffside Path, when you first enter the area, if you take a left and undead appear, they will continually re spawn leaving you to slaughter them and giving you stre. exp! I got 100k stre. exp. while getting 64k exp. in just 1 hour.

Xbox | Submitted by EnergyKid

Easy Dark Points

You need to beat Jack of Blades to do this. When you get the Sword of Aeons change it to the weapon you had before getting the Sword. Then you keep attacking your sister (i got 50,000 strenght points) You can use Will,Skill, or strength. remember if you are going good don't use this because this is EVIL points.

Xbox | Submitted by GameMasta

Another Legendary Weapon

After you have beaten the arena you are let into Bowerstone north, if you talk to the Mayor she'll send you through a long elaborate quest to marry her. When you marry her you are let into her mansion, in the third room (her bedroom) there is a silver key in her bed and a 15 key chest in that chest is a legendary weapon called Katana Hiyru. It looks stupid and does barley any damage campared to the sword of aeons. So don't bother unless you really want a legendary weapon.

Xbox | Submitted by bob

Getting The Sword Out Of The Stone

First of all, you have to fill up your toughness and physiqe. Then go the the Temple of Avo(Where you donate money) and go up the hill to the left. There you will see a group of men around a rock with the sword in it. Press "A" a couple of times and make he guy at the stone leave(If someone is thying to take the sword out) Go to the sword and press "A" and a movie will kick in, and you should get it!

Xbox | Submitted by dogg

Blue Patched Teddy (Good Way)

To get the blue patched teddy bear you have to first talk to a litle girl. And she said she has lost a teddy bear and asks you to find it. If you look around the town and you find a young boy who is getting bullied beat up the bully kid and the little boy will give you the teddy !Return the bear to the little girl and congrats you got a point into the good side.

Xbox | Submitted by jascott102006

Unlimited Money And Silver Keys

Begin the Hobbe Caves side quest by going to the Rose Cottage. When entering the Rose Cottage area, the quest should begin. Use your spade to dig up the silver key in the rose bed and your sword to reach the 500 gold behind the briar bushes. Once you have done this, save your game. Then immediately reload your game and you should be able to do it all again, while retaining the gold and key you grabbed before.

Xbox | Submitted by mike

More Money (Evil)

As I said before, the best way to earn money is to be completely evil. This one is very evil as well. First marry the mayors daughter (any town) then lead him out in the woods and murder him. Since the rules apply that the closely related male would be mayor you are now the mayor!!!! and most likely your rich!!

NOTE: If you don't understand how your the closest male to the family it's easy. Your the husband of the daughter if the mayor had a son then he would be the mayor. So it is especially important that you eliminate them as well as the mayor.( I don't mean to be this evil because im going to be more good than evil in the game.....or am I.)

Xbox | Submitted by Fable

Demon Doors

door (1) Heroe's guild

use the Lamp that you received at your Heroes'Guild graduation in front of this door to solve the door's little riddle. In addition to the big prize of an Elixir of life,this Demon Door contains a tatoo,and a few books in the bookcase and on the reading table.

door (2) Greatwood gorge

This door wants to see some evil deeds,and there are three ways to get it open. the simplest is to become completely evil (horns,circling flies,red smoke, all that). Another is to convince it of your cruelty by savagely murdering several people in front of it (your own bodyguards, or people you've escorted from town). A third way is to eat evil crunchy chick foods in front of it. you'll need 10, which can buy at the bandit camp or darkwood camp.

Xbox | Submitted by JoKeR

Continue Playing With Your Character After You Beat The Game

If you beat the game, all you have to do is let the game run through the end credits, as in do not press the Y button.

Note: If you killed the girl with the sword of aeons, and you stay through the end credits, you will be able to use that sword in the game.

Xbox | Submitted by Kelly G. Newman

Defeating Jack Of Blades (Physical)

Well, I hate to say this, but I have already beaten Jack, also known as the final boss. Also make sure that you save it right before you take the quest following your mother getting kidnapped, if you don't you surely regret it.

All you have to do is insure that you have plenty of strength, health, mana, and potions to keep you health and mana up at a reasonable level. Seems like pretty much every game right, well here is the part that you need to pay attention to.

Try to get the spell Assassin Strike at max level, along with Multi-Strike and Multi-Arrow. The three of these will ensure that you have an extremely easy time defeating this boss. Along with pretty much every other boss. I beat the game in around 12 hours just following the main quest.

Now he will send a number of monsters at you when you first encounter him in the final battle, dispose of them at your leisure. When the force field around him is gone, charge up on him and cast the multi-strike spell and use the unblockable attack. It may take a couple regular swipes to get the unblockable to come up, but you will do the most damage that way.

After you get him about halfway down in health he will take to the air in the center of the room you are fighting him in. This is where the multi-arrows come in handy. Cast it and get ready to dodge and shoot arrows. It should only take a few shots and he will be dead.

Just so that you know, the weapons I used was a Masters Greatsword with Silver, Sharpness and one other that I can't remember and can't check (refer to the first paragraph, I forgot to save for a while because of the auto-save). And I used an Ebony Bow. That is pretty much it, and you should be able to take him out a little to easy in my opinion.

Xbox | Submitted by Vince

Very Easy Stealing From A Trader (Drunk Trader)

What is needed:

1.Well renown

2.Stealth (ability to steal items)

3.Some Beer

First you need to buy some some beer (8 to 10)(for example the Weapons/Clothes Trader at Heroes Guild) then you ask the Trader to follow you, take him to a far of place and tell him to stop following you. Then you give him some beer until he gets gets drunk (swaggering, wasted). Then you run back to his store and start you five finger discount. Don't worry you will have a enough time to take everything that is visible.

*Also you can make a profit by selling him the stuff you just stole. Ain't that great. The only bad side to this is that you will gain little evil points on every theft. But it is worth it....

Xbox | Submitted by Mando & Adam

Find All 25 Silver Keys

With so many side quests and events taking place that can sway you toward good or bad, you may forget that there are hidden items scattered throughout Fable. These exist in the form of silver keys that are used to unlock special reward chests throughout the world. So if you can tear yourself away from kicking chickens long enough, you may want to check out the following silver-key locations.

There are 25 silver keys and 10 silver-key chests scattered throughout Albion. These keys are not destroyed when you use them, but you'll need more and more of them to open the chests that contain the best stuff. Silver-key chests contain some of the best items in the game, such as elixirs of life, rare augmentations, and legendary weapons that are superior to anything you could ever buy.

1 // Lookout Point

Hack through the thorny bushes near the statue in Lookout Point to reveal a thin path that leads to the first silver key.

2 // Bowerstone South

You can find the second silver key on the balcony of the Bowerstone South clothing shop.

3 // Fisher Creek

Use your fishing pole at one of the many fishing spots on the north side of the map (by the treasure chest) to hook the third silver key.

4 // Guild Woods

Once you get your fishing pole, return to Guild Woods and use it at the spot where you stood to fire at the bandits before your graduation.

5 // Greatwood Lake

This one's easy. Just head up toward the broken bridge at the north part of the Greatwood Lake map.

6 // Orchard Farm

Fish from the pier at the far east end of the map to pull up the Orchard Farm silver key.

7 // Rose Cottage

Use your spade to dig up a key in a patch of dirt lined by red flowers in Grandma's backyard at the west end of this map.

8 // Hobbe Cave

You'll find a ring of mushrooms near the north end of the Focus Chamber map of Hobbe Cave, where you fought the nymph boss. Use your spade to dig up a key there.

9 // Darkwood Lake

There's a strange spire with a hole near the top in the middle of Darkwood Lake. Put an arrow through that hole to dislodge a silver key.

10 // Ancient Cullis Gate

You can hook the 10th silver key by fishing off the edge of the bridge at the west end of Darkwood's Ancient Cullis Gate map.

11 // Grey House

You can fish up a silver key in the pond at the northeast end of the Grey House area near the Demon Door.

12 // Oakvale

You can dig up both a silver key and an obsidian greataxe as part of the treasure buried by the ghost pirate in the Oakvale cemetery.

13 // Twinblade's Camp

If you cross the shallow pond on the south side of the camp, you'll find a small plot of land with a treasure chest and several barrels. Dig between them to unearth a silver key.

14 // Witchwood Stones

Fish up a silver key in the pond to your left (across from the Demon Door) as you enter Witchwood Stones from the south.

15 // Witchwood Lake

As you enter this area from the west, you'll see a statue lit by a red glow to your left. Use your spade there to dig up a silver key.

16 // Knothole Glade

If you use your spade in a ring of plants between the homes in the southern part of Knothole Glade, you can dig up another silver key.

17 // Windmill Hill

You'll find a flower-lined mound, where you can dig up one of the two keys in this area in the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of Windmill Hill.

18 // Windmill Hill

The other Windmill Hill silver key is located behind the windmill. You can dig it up from a similar flower-lined ring of dirt.

19 // Headsman's Hill

As part of the mayor's invitation quest, you'll battle Thunder at Headsman's Hill. During the duel, you'll fall to a smaller area of the map, where you can fish up a silver key from a pond.

20 // Bowerstone Manor

Marrying Lady Grey is the only way to get access to Bowerstone Manor in Bowerstone North. When you do, you'll find a silver key by searching the lady's bed.

21 // Lychfield Cemetery

There are three keys in this area. One can be found in a crypt in the south-central part of the map, buried with the corpse.

22 // Lychfield Cemetery

The second key is buried in a grave right outside of the crypt where you found silver key No. 21.

23 // Lychfield Cemetery

You can fish up the third Lychfield Cemetery key from the stream just through the gates and west of the grave keeper's shack.

24 // Cliffside Path

You'll find another spot to dig up a buried silver key in the hill at the north end of this map, past the underground tunnel.

25 // Hook Coast

Break into the lighthouse in Hook Coast by picking the lock or smashing down the door. You'll find the final silver key in a ground-floor cabinet.

Xbox | Submitted by Joey Loso

Bandit Attack

This is a way to have fun after you beat the game. Go to Twinblade's camp and get all the bandits to follow you. Then take them to Oakvale and start killing people and guards. The bandits will join in, and you've got yourself a bandit raid!

Xbox | Submitted by bender

Multiple Swords Of Aeons

Right, at the end of the game, when you teleport to the guild, press BACK, and go to WORLD SAVE and save the game. Then, go and talk to the guildmaster, and he'll be laying down on a bookcase. Run through the chamber of fate, and kill Jack. Then, you will be given the Sword of Aeons. Dont do anything!!! (Dont throw the sword into the vortex, or kill your sister!) press BACK, and then go to HERO SAVE. Save it in the same place as last time. Then after HERO SAVing it, go to load, (still on the BACK button list)and LOAD the thing you just overit. You will appear back at the guild were you saved a minute ago, and you will be holding the Sword of Aeons. Then talk to the guildmaster again,then,go back into the chamber of fate to kill Jack. And dont do anything again, and then HERO SAVE it. Then go back to LOAD. And keep repeating this, and you'll have loads of swords. Then, if u think you have enough swords, fight jack again, and either throw the sword in (you throw only 1 sword in)and be really good. Or kill your sister, and get 1 extra sword and be bad. Then, the credits will roll after you kill or save your sister. DO NOT SKIP THE CREDITS! Otherwise you will go back to your last save point. (TO WARN YOU! THE CREDITS ARE TRULY ABOUT 5 OR 6 MINUTES, OR LONGER)After the credits, you will be in the chamber of fate, and then you should weild the sword of aeons. After that, I suggest that you should go into Greatwood (forests), test out the sword(kills people in 1 hit!)and at the same time, look for a trader who will buy your spare Sword sof Aeons. (The swords are worth about 260,000 coins,) Enjoy your sweet glorious sword and money.

Xbox | Submitted by Ezra Hammond

Skorm's Bow Trick

As you know, you can get Skorm's Bow by sacrificing enough people at his little establishment in Darkwood.However, if you sacrifice someone at exactly midnight, you will almost always get the bow the first time.By far the best way to do this is to get a hired man, such as the guy in front of the Temple of Avo, the assassin in Bowerstone South,or the guy in Oakvale,upon returning to your town.This is because they take money every hour on the hour,so that you can tell when it is exactly midnight.Like i said,you will almost always get the bow the first time.Results may vary however.The bow looks awesome by the way,having a large red plate covering your hand and doing something like 270 damage.

Xbox | Submitted by K Kash

Slum Lord!

First you have to be strong.Second you have to go two a town that lets you have your weapons(Oakvale my personal favorite}.Third kill all the civilians so thier house should be for sale. Fourth buy all the houses and then put them up for rent.Fifth wait a couple of days then the civilians should be back.Sixth now last but not least wait for every three days then the civinians should put gold outside{if they dont kick them out}.Now pick it up.Now you should have lots of money.Now thats EASY.Now just go on to the next town and repeat those EASY steps.

Xbox | Submitted by bob

Fountain Of Youth

Go to the temple of avo and donate 50,000 and you will lose 5-10 years off your life if you donate even more you can be rewarded with a title and if you donate up to 95,000 you can get a weapon. If you have not got that much money you can simply donate all you've got and then quickly press A before you see your money go down and you still have your money so keep donating untill it adds up to 95,000 and then donate 0 and you should be rewarded with a powerfull weapon.

Xbox | Submitted by cheatmaster

Funny Lightning

If you`re very evil you can put up your middle finger and if you are fighting just put up your middle finger and hold and while you`re holding your middle finger up cast lightning at the person you`re fighting with and the lightning will come out of your middle finger! It works with some other expressions too!

Xbox | Submitted by Sean (ACE) Taylor

Fast Quests

The building to the left of the Skill Training map in your Fable Book (the one that comes with the game)there is a person that asks you to find 4 apples just walk around all the grass and look for small red dots on the screen those are the apples.

When you go to the right of the Dining Hall there are 2 guys and one is boasting that he is the fastest in the Guild just hold B and run.(The reason for this is they dont tell you how to run until you are past this quest)

Is you use ranged in the start the bow is alot faster then the crossbow but the crossbow is stronger.

Once you know how to use Ranged,Will,Strength soon after you can do a Test on them to show you are the best at it.On the sword one just try to get hit once and win the fight you will get a A+.On will just use L (auto lock)and use lighting on the targets and when you get to the last one just move back to the first and keep using auto to get a A+.On ranged try to shot the farthest target away then shot middle and the closest then just start going out on the middle one to get a A+.

Xbox | Submitted by Matt Pierce

Lotsa Cash

The easy way to make cash is to buy a house in any town then put some trophies in it and buy new furniture then rent it out and sleep in the bed for a couple days and every few days there will be money under the sign in front of the house. Keep doing this over and over again and you'll have lots of money in no time and wont get evil or good points for it

Xbox | Submitted by Nathan

Important Health

Make sure you learn the heal spell as soon as you can. (you can learn it the first time you level up right after your training)

This of course is useful in battle but more importantly during escort quests; by casting the spell you will heal yourself as well as the ones following you.

Xbox | Submitted by monky519

Legendary Weapons And Location

The harbinger found near temple of avo strength stats must be maxed out

cutlass bluetane greatwoods cave demon door

ronok the ax grey house demon door

dollmasters mace abandonroad demon door

wellows pickhammer greatwood gorge demon door

murren greathammer in 20 key chest at heroesguild

murren great ax 15 key chest in lighthouse at hookcoast

solus greatsword buy in north bowerstone

the sentus donate enough to temple of avo

skorms bow sacrafice enough people at chapel of skorm

arkens crossbow 15 key chest at darkwood marshes

frying pan hidden at orchard farm(read hidden clus 1-6)

sword of aeons kill jack of blades and kill sister (strongest melee weapon in the game)

Xbox | Submitted by Seph_Lezar

Demon Door Race

Ok, you may have seen this on other sites but this is the easy way of completing the demon door race. For those of you who don't know, the demon door race is in the guild, at the beginning, talk to one of the male apprentices outside maze's tower.

Here are the easy steps to completing the race

-Begin race

-Run to the demon door

-When you reach the demon door turn around and run back to where you saw people hitting targets (Near the tree by the bridge)

-Don't forget to target them, attack one until you go see Maze for your bad behavior

-Run down the spiral staircase and take a left

-On your immediate right there will be the man who made you the bet (The race guy)

-Talk to him and receive cash

Note-If you don't get this the first time don't worry. It took me a couple tries, but it works.

Xbox | Submitted by Street Racer

Hint: Stay Big From Berserk!

You can become permanently hugh like berserk by doing the following:

1) Get the spell

2) Cast Berserk

3) Save your cast

4) Reload the game after you cast the spell, Volia, you are now the hulking hero you always wanted to be!

If you cast Berserk again after using this technique, when it wears off you will return to normal size.

Xbox | Submitted by Vash t.s.

Hobb Quest

Ok, this is for the Hobb Quest in Orchard Farm(the one were you have to kill all the Hobbs for the farmer). When you rush off to go kill the Hobbs your partner, Whisper, can really make you mad! If your beating the mess out of a Hobb and you are about to kill it Whisper can charge in and take your kill which she does alot! Here's two solutions:

1: You can run to the bridge and let whisper start killing the Hobbs there, then you can turn around while she is distracted and head for some trees were the Hobbs come out and start killing them there and if Whisper tries to run over there and start taking your kills again, run back toward the bridge again and kill the Hobbs that appear there.

2: Make one of the big red Hobbs chase you and run into Whisper. she can deal with the big red ones while you can find the little white ones and kill them because they are much weaker than the red ones. (Sometimes though the red ones are persistent and will follow you anyway).

Xbox | Submitted by idiotman77

Easy Strength Exp

Go to Bowerstone Quay and wait until the fist fighter gang comes. Then start hitting one of the members in the back until he is cornered. When he is cornered keep hitting him. You won't get bad points and he will never die. In 10-20 minutes, I got 20,000 str exp.

Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

The 6 Hero Dolls

To get the 6 hero dolls just follow these directions:

Doll of you - buy in Bowerstone North or get it by picking it up from an assassin sent to kill you for defeating twinblade

Thunder hero doll - buy in arena (during the arena quest) or buy in Bowerstone North

Briar Rose hero doll - high score in card pairs at Bowerstone South

Whisper hero doll - high score in coin golf at Oakvale

Maze hero doll - perfect score of 40 in shove ha'penny at Hook Coast (to do this just put the power of shot arrow to just before the first line and shoot)

Twinblade hero doll - high score in spot the addition in the pub at twinblade's camp (after the quest to defeat him)

After getting all hero dolls, go to Bowerstone South and talk to the school teacher to end the quest.

Cussing In Witchwood

Witchwood stones

In the Witchwood Cullis Gate area, there are four stones with a letter representing each stone. You have to spell the Demon Door's name correctly which is H-I-T-S. However, if you enter S-H-I-T instead, two Balverines will attack. Spell it again, and the voice that pronounces each letter will follow it up with saying the word.

Stop Time

Glitch: Stop Time

To do this glitch, you have to buy berserk, assassin rush and a spade. Go to any of those giant archways and use berserk, then immediately use assassin rush. As your hero passes through the archway, hold the LEFT TRIGGER and DOWN on the joystick to go back through the archway. A usual sign of stopping time is rain that doesn't fall. Not all archways will trigger this glitch. The spade is used to "restart" time, when you're ready for it.

Xbox | Submitted by Paladin

Fireball Dart

To do this you need a long bow and fireball spell any level (assigned to X or else this wont work).

1) Draw long bow

2) Hold right trigger

3) Press and hold X (fireball)

4) Release right trigger while holding X

5) Press left trigger

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