Fable 2 milestone

Tuesday 11 July 2006
Microsoft Game Studios is "more than happy" with the progress being made on Fable 2, according to a blog posted on Lionhead's website by their community bod, Sam Vantilburgh.

New builds are being delivered to Microsoft each month and both the publisher and development team seems pleased with the progress so far.

While the game is little more than embryonic at present - Vantilburgh writes that artists are handing in concept art alongside models and textures - there is playable code and there's a teasing, uncaptioned image accompanying the blog posting. Could it be the first sighting of in-game graphics?

Above: Is this the first in-game screenshot of Fable 2? Lionhead, you do tease us so...

Such scant details are being revealed as the team is still keen to work ideas through before promising any features. What we do know is that the game is set in Albion, as before, but roughly 500 years after the events of the first game and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Also, the story is to be longer and 'more mature' than that of the first game, although the blog entry reads "No, we're not going down the route of GTA (violence-grandeur) but with the current plan some people might be shocked by what we have in stock for Fable 2 players".

We can only guess at what Lionhead has planned, but we wait with baited breath for the first proper showing when, hopefully, a lot of our questions will be answered.

Justin Towell

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