Fable 2

Instead, he explained that his aim this time is to make people feel like they are truly emotionally engaged. "I want you to care," he said. "And that isfar more important than any feature I can suggest. Far more important than technology. Far more important than storyline."

We've been here before, of course, but can the man finally deliver on that long-hoped-for 'emotion'?He went on to all-but confirm that shooters would add to the title's impact: "It's, 'Wow, I've just shot someone, and that person relied on me or cared about me in this game', and making you feel like you really have shot someone. That's what I think is more important. "

He also called Xbox Live a "super important step" but again neither confirmed nor denied how, or if, online adventuring would appear in Fable 2. But we'd suggest he won't be able to keep that mouth closed for long.

Above: Guns in Fable? Apparently so. And your conscience might just kick in